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Patient Survey 2023



It has been four years since our last survey in 2019 due to COVID restrictions.  So, it comes as no surprise that we have faced and still face immense challenges for the NHS especially our front line GP surgeries.

We have used the past survey as our basis for questions with some slight alterations and additions.

We had a total of 45 responses over some weeks and collated these to form our survey results.  Although a small number, it reveals a picture that is encouraging and reflecting the excellent efforts of staff.


  1. Increase by 2% disabled patients.
  2. Increase of 10% in the 26-44 year old patients.
  3. Ethnic origin. Very similar.
  4. Increase of 4% online users.
  5. Increase of 59% use Ask my GP.
  6. Online repeat prescriptions remain the same.
  7. Increased satisfaction to speak to a Doctor/Practitioner.
  8. Reduction of 30% in ease of use of online services.
  9. Helpfulness of receptionist remains high (no change).
  10. Satisfaction of check in times remains the same.
  11. Appointment waiting times has 95% satisfaction.
  12. Quality of care remains the same (very high).